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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Behl Taylor: The Clue that Is Not There Could Be the Most Important Clue

In looking at the Taylor Behl case more carefully, a question has come to my mind. Sorry Fawley, as the person who was last known to have been with Taylor Behl it involves you.

Its a question of the abandoned buildings, that Ben Fawley, aka Skulz, was so interested in having a model pose at. A search of Fawley's available pictures does not show any pictures at abandoned buildings with models. Fawley did go on a rampage of deleting posts. Could he have deleted these posts also? And if so, why? The location of those abandoned buildings may be a good place to look in an investigation.

From one of Fawley's many purported websites (this is a new found one), lists his interest some of his many interests as:

sex, shallow graves, shoplifting, siouxsie and the banshees, skateboards, skulls, skulz, smart girls, spikes, stereos, still photography.

To see the full list go to the website, it is a virtual word association venue of a broken mind. It also includes death and destruction and abandoned buildings.

Yet the most important area to explore for finding the missing Taylor Belh could be in what was not found, the pictures of the abandoned buildings and the model posing there.

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