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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fawley Altered His Appearance: Before His Arrest

The Richmond Times Dispatch is reporting on the arrest of Fawley:

"Moments later, the bespectacled Fawley exited in a black T-shirt. Police said his long, dyed blond hair and matching goatee of a few days ago had been trimmed and dyed black. He was handcuffed without incident and led into a waiting police vehicle."

When a person changes his appearance you have to really wonder what his motive is, could he have been planning to abscond? I have seen pictures of Fawley before on his website. It is apparent he was intending hide his identity. The reasons could be numerous, he knew the police could have had the goods on him for child pornography? But, could he have been more worried about whatever happened to Taylor Behl?

In any case things do not look good for Fawley, his personality seems stretched between morbid interest in death and the relationships with girls more than half his age. A reoccuring theme on his websites are skulls and young women. And if you dip deeper in his sphere of reality, you will find currents that will take you to depths few of us would care to fathom.

So when we read this also from Richmond Times article we are in total agreement with Taylor Behl's mother:

"Yesterday afternoon, Behl's mother, Janet Pelasara, said she was pleased with the arrest of Fawley, a 38-year-old man whom she said had 'exploited" her daughter."'

"'It is only the beginning,' she predicted,' of Ben Fawley's downward spiral into the depths of hell."'

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