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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fawley: Abduction Story

A few hours before Taylor Behl disappeared Fawley had filed a police report. On one of his web sites, he enters the following as an explanation of what happened. When you read his explanation, we would like to know what are your thoughts of this fantastic tale he claims that happened on the day Taylor Behl disappeared?

:: A year ago friends of an ex-girlfriend came into my apartment and attacked me. One left stabbed with his own knife. Now I got jumped, I am almost sure it was friends of the girl I was having problems with 4 months back. She has people saying I am doing stuff to her when I haven't done a thing. Yet she is placing ads online in my name. She posted messages to my guest book that were far from nice, and more. Now while I( was out taking photos I think she had me jumped. I was out very early, not sure of the time but the sun hadn't been up long. I was heading up to Monument to take photos when 3 to 4 guys jumped me. They got a trash bag over my head before I could see them. Tossed me into a car and dumped me out on some dirt road. I wasn't hurt much, just from where that sat on me. As they never said a word I am sure this was not just a robbery. My one camera and tripod is missing along with the $20.00 I had tucked in the camera. I didn't have my wallet, but I did have my bank card and that wasn't taken. I am sure it was someone who was looking to get a message across. The only person who is giving me trouble is Erin & friends, so I am sure this is another gift from her. So add this to the tally of (profanity removed) she pulled, the worse was getting my web site pulled down. She used VegPorn to kill my site. If I had the money I can sue, but I don't have the cash to pay the lawyer's retainer. So she killed the web page, destroyed a bed I made, posted some ads and stuff that sure didn’t help, and now had me jumped. Gee what a nice girl. I would just leave town, but the day before I was to head to Philly she made sure I couldn’t go. Friday thanks to her I now face more problems keeping me here in this suck-ass town. I have a way out of town. Why must this psycho keep harassing me, why can’t she just let me alone so I can go back to my kids? ::

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