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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dwayne Glover Pleads Guilty to Shooting Housemate During Argument

From the Lynchburg Prosecutor's office

On September 23, 2005, Dwayne Eric Glover appeared before Judge Mosby G. Perrow, III, and entered guilty pleas to charges of malicious wounding and use of a firearm during the commission of a felony for the January 17 shooting of his housemate, Eric Mack. Mack and Glover were housemates at 224 Denver Avenue. The two men had gotten into an argument because Mack was using the stove in the common kitchen area to cook dinner and the defendant had turned the stove off. During the verbal argument, the defendant took out a .22 caliber pistol and shot Mack once in the neck. Mack was taken to Lynchburg General Hospital and survived the shooting.

The defendant claimed that he shot in self-defense and that Mack had threatened him with a knife, although police were unable to locate any knives during their investigation. When officers searched the defendant’s room, they located a .22 caliber handgun hidden above one of the ceiling tiles. The state forensic lab in Roanoke matched the bullet which was surgically removed from Mack’s neck to the pistol found in the defendant’s room.

Once in custody, the defendant told police officers that when he was released by the judge he was going to get a .357 Magnum so that the next time he was threatened by Mack, Mack would not be able to get up again.

Glover faces a mandatory minimum sentence of three years for using a firearm to commit a felony and up to twenty years for the malicious wounding. He remains in jail without bond pending his sentencing, which is set for December 9, 2005. The case was prosecuted by Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jeff Bennett.


At 7:17 AM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...


I couldn't help but laugh when I read that Glover planned on purchasing a bigger gun for next time...the things people will say. Surely, he didn't think that would help his case in any way!

At 11:38 AM, Blogger B O B said...

Thanks for the comment, MOM. I couldn't help to laugh there either.


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