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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lynchburg Freecycle Keeps Growing

When I first reported on Lynchburg Freecycle back in late July, their membership was 541, now the membership has expanded to over 800 and it continues to grow. Sometimes I think this is the best kept secret in Lynchburg. I am tempted not to tell you about it all, its like a twenty dollar bill laying on the sidewalk. You may not want someone picking it up before you do.

But luckily, Lynchburg Freecycle has room for more members, and the more the better. Recently, I got a load of wood for a friend, and a metal detector for myself. You know ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with metal detectors. I almost got one when I was a kid, but some things just do not work out. I didn't get a go cart either, or a horse. But the things I did get, like a roof over my head, books to read, and fishing trips, are things that I am now grateful for.

Well now Lynchburg Freecycle has come along, and you can just look through the emails, its almost like a wish list. Computers, cars, metal detectors, 32 inch TV sets, clothes, printers, and you just name it, people are giving it away. Yep, I said giving no charges here.

So what is the catch. Well, everything has a catch, "you don't just get something for nothing do you?"

Well, you have to join the yahoo group for membership, again no charge. And maybe you might just be able to offer something that you no longer use. Maybe something taking up space, or something you are planning to throw away. Is this a requirement? No, its up to you what you do. They do have some simple rules to follow. Not hard ones, just ones that make sense, for everyone to get along.

So if you haven't joined Lynchburg Freecycle, what are you waiting for? Like that twenty on the sidewalk, I told you about earlier are you going to pick it up? And if you are not from Lynchburg, this thing is nation wide and getting bigger all the time. Go here, to find directions to a site near you.


At 1:39 AM, Anonymous D L Ennis said...

So this chapter is for Lynchburg and Bedford residents only?


At 7:07 AM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...

D L,

This chapter actually has residents from Lynchburg and surrounding areas. There is a chapter in Bedford, one in Roanoke, one in Danville, Martinsville and many more I don't know about. You can join any that you wish, but most people tend to go with the chapter closest to them so they don't have to drive so far to pick up the items.

We had a lady on our list at one time that was way down in NC and she couldn't understand why people didn't want to drive there to pick up the stuff she was offering. We helped her find a closer group.


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