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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Place to Look for Taylor Behl

As Ben Falwey, has been removed by the Richmond Police as a "person of interest" in the Taylor Behl disappearance he has however been charged for 16 counts of child pornography. I have been thinking of one of his past entries on his public journal I have made bold the pertinent text from the following passage, for your easy reference. Here is a place that Ben Falwey knew as abandoned. Could it be worth a look? See the bold text from this entry:

I need someone who would like to play Goth/fetish dress up for some photos for use on the web page, nothing “bad”, just fun. The photos will be taken outside @ Hollywood as sort of a silly Goth set. I want to do something in a “Goth dress”, “pointed boots" with no platforms if you have them. The idea is to look sorta “80’s Goth”, the flowing long black dress and that stuff. Then the Goth/fetish look that is more “today” with the same person in the same spots, as I would be making some animated gif images from some of the photos. I have no cash, but you can have all of the photos I take. :-p>

I just want to play with the camera at two (or three) locations (abandoned buildings) I go to. All of the locations are “safe” but yes, they are abandoned buildings just the same. I want a model to be in the foreground as I think it would be a great set. Both locations are a bit off the track but will have to be done in the day for safety. I need to do this before it gets too warm and the bees come out, I am allergic to bees and that is a nuff said about that.

Here again it’s just for fun so I can work some with a model and the camera and get some more photos. If you are willing I will not just give you photos, but if you have a place you want photos in I will do that as well for you. Here it’s dress as you like, but remember it’s an abandoned building set.

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