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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Google Spoofs: The Ultimate Jokster

There was a tremendous amount of joking around on April's fool day this year. It reminds you, you cannot always trust what you read.

One of the major entities of the internet has developed spoofing into a fine art. And it is what most of us rely on to search the web for us. No other than Google itself.

Yesterday, they landed aliens on area 51 on Google maps. But their spoofs can be found all across the internet. They have a variety of search engines, one designed to make you nuts, another one based on the cartoon character Elmer Fudd, and more that you can find here.

And interlaced throughout the web you can find other weird things that Google has spoofed on. Perhaps you might be interested in a job with Google, well they are hiring at their Copernicus Center located on the moon. If that isn't far enough out for you maybe you need to drink more Google Gulp, and make a search on the April Fools Day search engine.

You can find the best 10 internet spoofs here.


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