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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Microsoft Buys Open Office For Billions

Reported April 1st by Microsoft Office:

"For an undisclosed sum but reputed to be in the billions, Microsoft's Bill Gates has personally bought the leading open-source desktop project. Saying he "was sick and tired of open-source eating away at his profits," the world's richest man decided to put an end to the nuisance and simply buy"

They further report:

"Users can further rest assured that the full functionality currently provided by 2.0 will be available in MS-Office 2020 - or possibly 2030."

This is just one of many April fools jokes that are happening on the internet today. If you click their link to the full article it leads you here.

Be weary today, wiki reports a full list of the pranks happening. If there is a day to be extremely skeptical of what you read, today is the day. Have a careful April Fools Day.


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