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Friday, March 31, 2006

Roanoke's Operation Inked: Blots Out 300 Warrants

Roanoke's operation inked caught many off guard. And, criminals just turned themselves. Others found rude awakenings in the morning and presented with shinny bracelets.

With 3,010 thousand outstanding warrants and summons published in The Roanoke Times. Many responded to it like a clearance sale. Three hundred have been served now.

This from the Roanoke Times:

"Many turned themselves in after their names appeared on a wanted list in an ad police placed in Wednesday's Roanoke Times. Others were picked up by authorities who were out in force serving outstanding warrants and summonses on Thursday, day two of the operation."

At the Roanoke police station the line went out the door, those beckoned by the Police ad seemed as if they could not wait to turn themselves in.

With more than 3,010 warrants advertised in the Roanoke Times there was at least one mistake.

The Roanoke Times also reports:

"'Janis Rae, 43, of Roanoke County said an emergency protective order against her had expired earlier this month.

"It's a defamation of character," Rae said.

Police declined to discuss specific cases but acknowledged they accidentally may have included some names they shouldn't have because of the sheer volume of outstanding warrants and summonses."'

So when will this happen in Lynchburg? Well, we are still waiting to see if outstanding warrants will show up from Social Services for those that owe outstanding child support. We hope sooner than later. Perhaps, The News and Advance would donate the space.


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