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Sunday, April 02, 2006

City Council Elections: Spotlight on Jason Campbell

In the pack of 12 candidates running for Lynchburg City Council elections. We have previously told you how Chuck Gammon has separated himself from the crowd.

Now, there is another candidate we think is worth your attention. Jason Campbell is another person running for City office who is making his stands on issues clear, and they mostly involve reducing the tax burden on Lynchburg City residents.

On his website, Lynchburg Tax, Jason has made it clear what he considers has gone wrong with the present city council. Here are some of examples from his website:

The average Lynchburg household pays roughly $575 MORE in annual taxes than four years ago thus rekindling a debate about the booming city's affordability.
Utility Consumption Tax Electric - INCREASED
Franchise License Tax Cablevision - INCREASED
Right of Ways Fees- INCREASED
Utility Tax Cellular - INCREASED
Tobacco Tax - INCREASED
Probate Tax - INCREASED
Bank Stock Taxes - INCREASED
Inspection Permit Fee Building - INCREASED

Jason Campbell is running on a platform to reduce city taxes. Since 2001 the city budget has increased by 250 percent (Also see). Its time to reign in that horse that has gone wild.

Most current members of city council who are running for city council are speaking in platitudes, and talking like the old southern that admires how well the old light bulb worked. They are blinded to the tax burden that they have put on you. And do not understand the need for a new light.

So far, two of the twelve candidates are speaking out, making their positions clear and providing an interactive format on their websites for your input.

We are not really seeing this from the other candidates. They are speaking in broad terms, and are apparently relying on name recognition. I am sorry to say, but when I hear their names I associate it with the spend and tax policies of the present city council.

We can have a leaner more effective city government, it is going to take some work, and some new ideas. So far, Jason Campbell and Chuck Gammon are speaking out. Is Lynchburg ready to listen?


At 5:17 PM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

Here is another place where some city council election discussion is happening:

Join in the conversation. All the candidates have been invited. Come to see who shows up! Open 24/7 for the betterment of Lynchburg politics.

Also, there are other candidates with websites. Your statement that
"So far, two of the twelve candidates are speaking out, making their positions clear and providing an interactive format on their websites for your input.We are not really seeing this from the other candidates" is not really true is it? In fact, there is an actual interactive forum as a part of the web site of another candidate. You can link to the web sites of the council candidates from the News & Advance web site Elections page. This is a good service provided by the N&A. We should thank them.

All the candidates can do a lot better in communicating their positions to the voters. But they need to do it with factual information that can be checked.

I have not decided who I am supporting, but Rob Jarvis certainly should be on the list of candidates who are aggressively speaking out. Rob is out there with his beliefs. It is always good to hear people who are not politicians talk. Maybe the politicians will see their way clear to also say what they think.

I don't need anymore elected officials who will "keep your views in mind if this matter comes to the floor." Tell me what you think! And why.

At 6:24 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Hi Larry, when I say that the only candidates that are making clear their stand on issues, I am talking about the degree they are being specific. I stand by that statement. Both Jason Campbell and Chuck Gammon are outlining their positions in detail.

Others are not, and speaking in generalities. It’s easy to talk in terms that I am in favor of improving the school system, or I want to continue the revitalization effort, but those are just feel good statements.

Where is the meat of their position? Tell me the details.

It is true that Rob Jarvis, TEXTJoan Foster, and Joe Freeman have websites. But I do not see them addressing the issues, other than some broad statements.

People in Lynchburg want answers about how their taxes are being spent, and why they are so high? They want to know why the services are poor and they are paying more for them.

In July of 2004 the city did an opinion poll of residents to rate their local government. Instead of paying attention to the results the city council ignored it completely. We do not have a responsive city council and it is time for a change.

By the way Joan Foster's website is not on The News and Advance.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

James Coleman also has a web site. And at least when I go to the N&A candidates page, the links to all the existing candidate web sites are there, including Joan Foster. I am not judging the content of the web pages at this time, just their existance as some indication of an effort to have an electronic presence. Maybe you could put a link to the other web sites, including the N&A at this site. I support doing everything possible so that people can access information and make their own decisions based on direct access to facts. I expect this to be an interesting month!

At 6:47 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Hi Larry, I did provide a link in the article above to the News and Advance article. Perhaps you missed it, but it is connected to the statement:

"Most current members of city council who are running for city council are speaking in platitudes..."

I expect it to be an interesting month also.

Thanks again for the comments.

At 6:54 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Just one added note. Joan Foster's website and James Coleman's website were added to the News and Advance, after my original post was written. The News and Advance just posted these within the last couple of hours.


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