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Monday, November 07, 2005

To Vote or Not to Vote: That is the Question

November 8th is election day. If you are not registered, your chance to participate in tomorrow's election is past. However, you are lucky, for there is always next year and you can register so that your voice may be heard.

Many today are apathetic about the vote (though record numbers have turned out in the last two major elections). They think their vote doesn't matter, that they can't make a difference. Personally, I look at voting as one of my many duties to my country and I do not believe I have ever missed an election. Voting is a priviledge and a right that helps us to have a voice in what is happening in our country. We are so lucky, so blessed to be able to do this and I am disappointed in those who don't take this duty seriously.

Having said that, there is another thing that upsets me more than just a bit. Last year, I voted for President Bush. My stepson's car was in the shop and he was not going to be able to go vote. I drove 20 minutes to his house, then took him to vote, then drove him home, then drove back to my home. He voted for John Kerry.

There are many who would say...what did you even bother doing that for...your vote just cancelled each other out. But I don't look at it that way at all. I believe we were doing our civic duty. And though I disagreed with the 18 year old's choice of candidate, I was so very proud that he wanted to vote, to make his voice heard and that he took this duty/right/priviledge so seriously.

Today, a friend emailed me and told me that they were going to be driving Dems to the polls tomorrow to vote. Now that is an admirable thing to do, but I can't help but wonder, why they are just driving Democrats. If a Republican neighbor needed a ride, would they refuse? I hope not. I hope that in this country, we would put a person's right to vote above whether or not they voted the way we wanted to. I would like to see non-partisan transportation available. Perhaps people could call the polls, and say, hey I need a ride. Then someone would go and get them, not caring what their party was, only that they would have the opportunity to make their choice known.

So here is my challenge to you...actually two challenges.

The first challenge is if you are registered to vote, go do that. The polls are open before, during and after work and there is really no excuse not to go (except for illness or tragedy). Take a few minutes and go vote. You will get the 'I voted, sticker to wear proudly, and you can talk with your children about how you are keeping Democracy alive in the United States of America.

The second challenge is that if you have a neighbor who can't get out but wants to vote, offer to take them...and don't worry about their political preference. And if you are not sure if they want to vote, but know they can't get out, then ask them. The worst they will do is say no thank you. At best they will gladly accept your offer and you will have brightened their day and your own.

Show that you believe that this country's system works and support everyone's right to cast their vote.


At 9:07 PM, Blogger B O B said...

A great post MOM, tomorrow as you know I am going to DC. I wont leave though till after I vote, I am also taking a friend to the polls, before I go. And that will cause me to leave later than I would normally leave.

Just to let you know we will be voting for different candidates. While I don't do it here I do get into some heated political discussions with my friend, I won't say who I will be voting for, but everyone should get out and vote. We should all exercise this privilege.

At 9:10 PM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...


You are to be commended for voting and for taking your neighbor. Have a safe trip to DC!

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Ken Martin said...

Many organizations offer rides to the Polls. Some have party ties, most don't. I offered a ride today to a 61 year old who was voting for the first time. In fact I encouraged him to register.

Who cares who the person votes for. Getting out the voter is the most important thing.

At 5:07 PM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...


I couldn't agree more...the voting is the important part. Thanks too for the info that there are organizations getting people to the polls that don't have party ties. All I have ever heard of have been party related!

My kids and I are proudly wearing our I voted stickers this evening.


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