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Monday, November 07, 2005

Virginia Online Yard Sale

As co-owner of Lynchburg Freecycle, I sometimes get asked by members if I know of a place where they can advertise items they want to sell. We all love and believe in Freecycling. People have items that don't have a high resell value, but have a very high value to someone who can't afford it and it helps to keep the item out of a landfill. They do this by offering their item up and then giving it to either the first responder or perhaps to a person with the most need.

However, there are times when we have an item that does have a high resale value or we need the money, so where can we go? Today I found a group that was founded a year ago and only has about 37 members, but it is a great place to start. The site is VaOnlineYardSale. And remember, there may not be a lot of people there now, but the more of us sign up, the more chances we can help one another out and what a great way to advertise items for sale for free!

Happy selling and freecycling!!!


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