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Monday, November 07, 2005

To heck with the two front teeth, all I want for Christmas is Star Trek

SlashDot.Com reports

"For those Star Trek fans wondering what to ask for this Christmas, you may wish to consider The Ultimate Star Trek Collection to be released on November 15. For just (cough) $2499.99, you'll get 212, count them, 212 DVDs with everything ever produced under the name, including all seasons of all five telvision series as well as the ten feature films.

Hmmmm, seems a reasonable price to me, but hey, I am a Trekkie after all.



At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Serena said...


It is people like you that make my husband drool! He also would think this was a not unreasonable deal...but I am hoping he won't find out! So.....shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous peter hook said...

Jeff I think I will just wait for the reruns, I enjoy Star Trek, but I am just not that rich.


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