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Monday, November 07, 2005

Copernicus Recreated

There is a fascinating story out today that "remains excavated in a cathedral in northern Poland are very likely those of the Renaissance astronomer Nicolas Copernicus, archaeologists working in the cathedral said Thursday."

Due to some features of the remains and where they were located, it is believed to be Copernicus' remains. Even more interesting is the fact that we can now see this man who lived 500 years ago due to modern science.

Who exactly was Copernicus? Some of us may have forgotten from our days in school. So here are some links you can check out.

Nicolaus Copernicus Bio

Copernicus Bio

Copernicus was an intelligent man and he changed the way we understand our solar system. I would like to think he would be fascinated with how modern science helped us to get a clear picture of his appearance.


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