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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Good Customer Service at Barnes and Noble

Today I had a wonderful experience at the local Barnes and Noble. Everyone in my house is a big fan of the Harry Potter books, so at midnight on July 16th, we were standing in line, waiting for our number to be called so we could get the much awaited 6th book. I bought a copy for my house and one for my stepson who is living on his own. The next day I read the book. The day after that my husband got to read the book. Then we turned it over to our 8 year old son. Now Jack is pretty careful with books, but within days I realized the binding was coming unattached from the pages. The glue simply wasn't holding. I fretted about this a great deal. I mentioned it to my mom and she suggested taking it back to Barnes and Noble and see if they would give me a new one.

Okay, I am thinking, there is no way they are going to replace a book that I have had in my hands for almost 30 days and I have no receipt or anything. But I also believe in the old adage, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So this morning, I took the book, held together by rubberband, to Barnes and Noble. The manager was up front and I told my tale, she opened the book up, took one looks and said, "this is unacceptable, I will give you a new one." My jaw just about hit the floor! And then she apologized for the situation (even though she had nothing to do with the printing of the book). I have to tell you, I often use the library (I love books and I can't afford to buy all the ones I want to read), I also buy a lot of used books, books from Amazon and Ebay, etc. But from now on, when I want a new book I will be heading to Barnes and Noble. Their actions today have earned my business and my advertising to anyone I see!


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