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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More Facts are Being Revealed in the Concord Shooting

The Altavista Journal is reporting:

In an argument between several people at a party in Concord, guns errupted in semi-automatic fire. Most of the injuries some serious were all bystanders. It was verified that local gang members were present at the party. Although, it was not established if the shooting was the work of the gangs, previous eye witness reports indicated the use of uzis and tech 9s. (Not your everyday gun of choice by non gang members).

"There was a party at a residence on Plum Branch Road, outside in the yard. I guess the party got out of hand," Captain L.T. Guthrie said."From what I understand, a fight ensued between two people that escalated into gunfire," he added. "We are not certain of the exact number of shooters, there could have been six shooters or more."

Guthrie stated futher according to the Altavista Journal:

"I don't believe any of the victims were shooters," Guthrie said. "It was dark and outside. The shooters were firing recklessly into a crowd of people is about what it was."


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