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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

VDOT: Develops A Plan For 420 Million Highway Fund

So far 20 million has been approved by the Feds, another 400 million is in the balance waiting for approval. But the VDOT has developed good well thought out plans, and contingency plans to get the funds for Virginia. The cut off date for approval is September. VDOT is confident it will make the grade. To read more go to the Daily Press.

According to Bacon's Rebellion:

In the last year VDOT has made an exceptional example of how to control spending and meet it goals. Jim Bacon cites VDOT, as an example for the rest of Virginia government. VDOT was perhaps primarily responsible for the 544 million dollar surplus in the Virginia budget. To read more on how VDOT achieved this go to a very well researched article by Bacon's Rebellion.


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