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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Running Out of Your Shoes: Possible Gang Shooting In Lynchburg Area

WSET is reporting:

People ran out of there shoes to get away from two groups that had a fire fight with each other. Four people were treated at Lynchburg General for gunshot wounds. And at least six people pulled out either automatic or semiautomatic weapons with at least fifty rounds fired. The Campbell County Policeman said that this was remarkable that more people were not injured or killed, with over 200 people there. Also, reported this gunfight was mostly likely between the Crips and the Bloods.

In our research:

James Earl Stanley, who is being held in Campbell County Jail, for possible involvement in the shootings at Concord has a considerable past record of run ins with the law. And in the past, he has a record of getting off or just getting a minor slap on the hand.

Most of his offenses he has been charged with have been minor. They range from Assault and Battery, intoxicated in public, use of abusive language, petit larceny, and possession of marijuana.

When on the occasions that he was convicted for an offense, he has lucked out in getting most of his jail time suspended. Here are some examples:

PETIT LARCENY Offense Date09/22/00 Arrest Date:11/14/00 Sentence Time: 30 Day(s) Sentence Suspended: 29 Day(s)

TRESPASS 09/30/00
Sentence Time: 30 Day(s) Sentence Suspended: 25 Day(s)

DRIVE WHILE SUSPENDED Offense Date:09/30/01 Sentence Time: 90 Day(s) Sentence Suspended: 90 Day

As the events unfold in this shooting, and we are sure they will. We hope that the awareness of the gang problem in area is taken more seriously.


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