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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Lynchburg Virginia Blog Teacher Awards

In September of 2005, This site will be issuing teacher awards for outstanding teacher performance in the Lynchburg School System.

The awards will be based on how the teacher served his students and impacted the community. Their story will be told here and what they have done to improve the quality of education for our students.

I have been hard on the Lynchburg School System to improve their performance. We need a better quality of education for students. Considering that the cost per student in Lynchburg is nearly twice the cost of the national average, this is something that we should expect.

Teacher achievement in the Lynchburg School System should be recognized. We will tell their stories and how they have served their students and how they have improved our community.

If you have suggestions on teachers who deserve an award, either email me or post a comment here. Tell me their stories and why they should receive an award.

(Local Education and area Schools)


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