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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Get set and go: To Natural Bridge Raceway

Need a diversion on a Saturday night feel the dirt, smell the fumes, listen to the roar of the engines, at the bang me up, Natural Bridge Raceway. Posted by Hello

A boy maybe seven years old looked up to me while I was entering the gate. "We're going to have a gooooooooood time tonight!" The excitement exploded through his eyes.

I didn't know the boy, but I found out exactly the electric shock of thrill he was emiting: Yep, get ready to get your socks blown off. You are going to see a night of action live, up front and personal. Speeds of 90 miles an hour around a small dirt track. Wrecks aplenty. Spirits soaring high, tension you couldn't cut with an oversized chain saw. Want to see local and regional driviers duel it out? Want to watch them speed and bang their way around the track, take curves on two wheels, and smash each other up in the process? Take your nerve tonic grandma, and meet me on the wild side.



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