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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Cheap food shopping in Lynchburg

One of my favorite past times, is finding things at more than reasonable prices in Lynchburg. First lets tackle the food issues. Here are the places I have found that you can get food buys.

For meat: I find most grocery stores way to high. But there is one that I like where you can buy meat at 50 percent to 25 percent cheaper than it competitors: FoodLand on Memorial Ave. Rib eye steaks usually sell for 4.29 a pound. Hamburger I have seen for as cheap as 1.49 a pound. Chicken breasts 1.19 a pound. Onions and potatoes are cheaper there too.

For fresh veggies: At the farmers market on main street you can get good deals, prices are generally 25 percent lower than you will find at the grocery store. The cheese, I find there is excellent. If you go there in the early morning you get the best picks. If you go near closing time you find prices reduced and many times some things are just given to you. Its open early on Fridays and Saturdays. Also, there is Markems produce on 221. I haven't been there yet but see on their sign cantaloupes for 99 cents and green beans for 79 cents. Its a hard place to turn into there but sometime when I am down that way and the traffic is down I'm going to give it a try. There is also Ralph’s grocer where Jennings ice use to be. His prices might not be the best, but he is one of the most pleasant person to deal with. That brings me back.

For canned goods and non perishables: There are several options here. Walt Mart (Look at the bottom and shelves and the displays at the end of the rows.) usually has the cheapest as far as grocery stores go. However, check out these other ideas: Dollar Duz It: on Wards Road, Big Lots, Star Value: at the Mall, and any of those supposedly Dollar Stores. I always keep an eye and a mental record of what is the average price and if I just run into something at a good deal (meaning about 20 percent lower), I buy in quanity.

For bread: Flowers Bakery Thrift Shop is the place to go, and the one on Lakeside Drive you are going to meet on of the nicest sales person I have encountered around these parts. Yes Lynchburg, customers appreciate how they are treated.

(Living Cheap in Lynchburg)


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