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Saturday, June 11, 2005

That fight against drugs in your neighborhood

Sorry people, don't expect help from the Lynchburg Police. Seems that if you ask help from them you will get no support. Even if you can provide the evidence to them. If you call narcotics and vice on their number, you get to leave a message. Ask for a return call, forget it they don't call back. Here's an idea send pictures of drug transactions to William Petty. Tell him you have over 700 pics of the same thing happening over and over again. The response will be Vice will be getting in touch with you. Hmmm. Remember the people who don't return calls. Are these crack heads walking through your yard? Are they selling to children? Are stores being robbed within 25 yards of the crack house? Are houses being robbed within 25 feet of the crack house? The answers to the questions are yes in my Lynchburg neighborhood. My house has been robbed twice, my neighbors has just been robbed. If drug houses are not in your neighborhood now, realize that these crack heads have an euphoric impunity and realize they can do as they please. And will soon be down the street from you.

Its time to take back our neighborhoods. So what can you do? If you find yourself flustrated by the inaction of the police, and the prosecutors. What I have done seems to help. Put a camera in your window don't be overly concerned if they can see it. These people hate the idea that they are being photographed. As do their customers. Shine the light on their dark activities. I think they have noticed my camera now. An eerie quiet has returned to their drug house. No cars no kids going to their house and they are staying away from my yard. Will this continue, I don't know. Is it because of my camera, maybe? Or it might be because they are cooling it because of a nearby robbery a couple of days ago. I will keep you posted.

(Gangs, graffiti, drugs, and violence)


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