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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jackson Case: What Does the Verdict tell us?

We watched and listened the case of the Jackson unfold. Each key bit of evidence was seemingly helping lock him behind a cell door. The verdict was read "not guilty." Some were stunned, some elated. Others thought money bought yet another star out of the pokey.

But what did exactly happen here? There was a mass of evidence, there was motive, there was opportunity and after all the supporting testimony I believe there was a crime. How on earth could the jury come back "not guilty" on all accounts? Was it because of the concept of reasonable doubt? That may be an excuse, but it certainly isn't the reason. An exercise of inductive reasoning would easily remove the possibility of reasonable doubt.

This is just another example of how our schools have failed us. We fail to teach objective thought. We fail to teach inductive thought. And now the product of that is coming back to haunt us. Besides this our schools and I mean Lynchburg schools, lack in teaching the basics. Examples can be seen daily. Watch that cashier make change, many, if they do not see the change displayed, can't make change. And talk to young people ask them how they determine their opinions and how they draw conclusions. Soon you will see something has failed. Something down deep in the foundation of their learning skills has been seriously flawed.

Recently, WSET reported that some of our Lynchburg area schools ranked somewhere around 400 in the top 1,000 schools in the nation. This may sound good, but with a deeper look only 1,027 schools were evaluated. Lynchburg in actuality, put out a mediocre performance. Our taxes pay over 12,000 dollars per student per year for each Lynchburg student. The national average is around 6, 000 dollars per student per year. Where is the accountability? Personally, I am not satisfied with results of our spending.

Its time for change Lynchburg. And it is up to us to make our city accountable.

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