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Monday, June 13, 2005

Review of Lynchburg Local Links

I have listed some links that I hope you find interesting. I only wish that the news links were better.

The Lynchburg News and Advance has a long way to go in improving their site. Very few good articles can viewed there. On a positive note, features by Darrell Larrant are always interesting.

WSET has a better coverage of the local scene, however they could use improvement in their story presentation. A plus for them though, is that readers can give feedback. The readers comments are sometimes more interesting that the story itself. A drawback is that the postings are removed rather quickly.

WLNI has a good archives of stories. And usually covers more meaty stories. They could improve if they had a viewer comment section for their stories. Or perhaps established a bulletin board.

WDBJ 7 while it doesn't have a feedback section does provide video clips of their coverage. There news is mostly centered on Roanoke, but does have some coverage of Lynchburg.

Lynchburg Post cards from the past is a good view of how things have changed around here and if you would like to take a trip in the past you won't be disappointed.

Little know attractions of Lynchburg is off the wall funny. And is a good reminder don't trust what you read on the internet. But if you dare, go there and experience the area 51 view of Lynchburg.

The Pictorial History of Lynchburg is a great site. Has tons of old pictures of Lynchburg and if you like to see what it was like in the past here, this is the place to go.

The Official Weather Site is actually NOAA weather site. All the other sites on the internet use this site to make our local forecast. They report directly from the Lynchburg Airport.

Lynchburg Gas Prices shows updated lowest gas prices in Lynchburg in the last 48 hours. Good to look at before you jump in your car. If your car needs washing visit the Zip station on Lakeside Drive to even get a lower rate yet.

Pay It Forward was a book and a movie. About a boy who was given a school assignment on to do something to change the world. The book and the movie were fiction, but something happened that was real. I encourage you to click the link to see what has happened and is happening. This link has been revised to give you a better look at Pay It Forward.


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