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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Your Lynchburg Stories Posted Here

Do you have a concern, an idea, or something you want to share with the rest of Lynchburg? I welcome your thoughts to be posted here. There is a couple of ways you could do this, post a comment on something written already, email a copy of what you would like to be posted, or send me an idea that I may decide to write for you. I will give you credit for post or if you want to remain unknown I will respect that also.

So far, I am answering all emails I receive from this blog. And will continue to do so unless I am just overwhelmed. This site is new and already it is getting visited frequently.

My goals for this blog:

To deliver relevant and insightful information to the residents of Lynchburg.
To cover stories that might be missed by the local press.
To make this a tool for positive change for Lynchburg.
And to look a little deeper in the stories that are already covered by the local media.

This can be your forum too. I will welcome your input, even if I agree or disagree with it. With your voice added here maybe we can make Lynchburg a better place to live. Thank you.


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