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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Virginia Bills Signed into Law

The General Assembly had an active season this year and now many of those Bills have been signed into laws. Here are some of the soon to be laws:

A new law to give the Governor power to give grants for high speed internet in under served communities.

Driver license suspensions for up to one year for buying alcohol for the under aged or already intoxicated.

Automatic license suspension for six months if you are underage and caught buying or possessing alcohol.

A 2,500 dollar fine and possible year in jail for anyone who interferes with funerals or memorial services.

You can now get 20 years in jail if you are involved in an illegal road race and you are the cause of someones death.

A new requirement for anyone arrested for capital to murder to submit to DNA testing.

Drug free school zones are now expanded to areas where daycare facilities are located.

It is now illegal for private parties to serve minors alcohol if they are not accompanied by a legal guardian.

The state can now take measures to prevent and control an outbreak of Avian influenza by destroying poultry if needed.

And my favorite:

To correct the spelling when making the Virginia long eared bat the official bat of Virginia, it will now be spelled: Corynorhinus townsendii virginianus.

Source: Legislation Information System


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