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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why Worry About Iran?

I just want to provide some links to you that should open your eyes about what Iran is up to. First here is a video of a flying boat that is claimed to have gone in mass production. It is capable of launching missiles and torpedoes. This hasn't been show in the Western News media.

Next take a look at this torpedo capable of 223 miles per hour, which would make it the fastest torpedo in the world. Be sure and watch the video found on fox.

These developments can only put the US fleet at risk.

Now take a look at this missile the Iranians have developed that can have multiple warheads and reach Europe.

With all these developments in their military programs they want us to take on face value that their uranium enrichment program is only for peaceful purposes. You really have to have been born yesterday to believe to this.

What do you think will happen in the future?

A. We will try to deal with Iran only with diplomacy.
B. We will try to put in place sanctions on Iran until they bend and see the errors of their ways.
C. We will launch a strike on Iran neutralizing their nuclear ambitions.

The answer C. seems to be becoming the greatest likelihood see this report by CBS news.

See all our reports on Iran here.


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