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Friday, April 07, 2006

Interesting Health News

Attending church regularly can add 1.8-3.1 years to your life!

Another reason to eat low amounts of calories! Eating in that way can slow aging by decreasing DNA damage!

Here's one you are going to love...remember that exposure to the sun increases our risk of skin cancer? Well now they believe that Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) may fight breast cancer! Particularly the amount of Vitamin D exposed to during the teenage/developing years! Now what do we do? It's another one of those in trouble if we do and in trouble if we don't scenarios. The more science finds out, sometimes it seems the less we know!

Eye fungus outbreak among Contact wearers! I started wearing contacts when I was in 10th grade and they were well loved after having worn glasses for five years. I wore them for about 13 years before I got a bacterial ulcer (sounds similar in pain and possible consequences to what this article is talking about). I haven't worn them since. That was pain like I have never felt before. So contact wearers be careful. Good hand washing should help a lot, but I don't want any of you going through what I went through or what these people are going through.

Massachussets' lawmakers have just approved a sweeping change to how their state handles the uninsured. As a person whose family is uninsured and has been for three or four years (and has high medical bills due to surgeries to pay for as a result), I will be watching this with interest. It may be a blueprint that other states and our country can follow.


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