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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Biggest Walk About Ever Is Now Delayed In Russia

They started in the tip of South America, and now they have just past the icy Bearing Straight. Just 56 miles separates Alaska from Russia, but there is only records of one that has done this on foot before.

This from the AP:

"Karl Bushby of Britain and Dimitry Kieffer of Anchorage, Alaska, arrived in Russia's Chukotka province from Alaska on Friday and failed to register with local authorities, as foreigners are required to do. It took them 15 days to walk the 56 miles from Alaska to Russian territory."

They are now being detained, because their papers were not in order, but it is a polite detention. Word from Russia is that they may have to fly back to Alaska and make the crossing again.

The journey that you see outlined on the map is expected to take 12 years to complete. And it is all being done on foot. So far they have walked more than 6,000 miles of the 36,000 mile journey planned. Once completed they will have walked through 4 countinents and 25 countries.

This from their website where you can keep track of their progress:

"It is possible to journey by foot from the southern most point of South America back to England and leave behind you an unbroken trail of footprints!
This site will carry full detailed history of Karl Bushby's record breaking attempt to walk around the world."

"It will take over twelve years to complete, It will cover over 36,000 Miles. It will test one man's ability to go it alone and walk around the world, in one non-stop journey. It is under way now and will provide one of the most interesting and captivating stories to be told."

On their website you can find an online status report of this remarkable adventure complete with videos.


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