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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Top Five Free Blogger Tools

In considering a list of the five best blogger tools, I have looked at the tools I use and the ones I enjoy the best.

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1. Clustermaps: This beta program provides a visual image of visits to your blog from around the world. It does not catch all the visits but it gives your readers an idea of the worldwide appeal of your blog.

2. batBack: This program provides an instant method of response to your blog. It is easy and quick for the reader to comment on your blog. Information gained from reader input can help you form future articles. Additionally, it provides a network of links for your posts to appear on blogs. Click the title icon and you will see related blogs, related stories, and a graph that measures your reader’s response. We have found this utility very useful in increasing our readership. It works with all blog hosts. And is very easy to install. See a PowerPoint Demo of batBack. If you do not have PowerPoint you can get a free PowerPoint reader from Microsoft.

3. The box: This is a nifty useful site that gives you one GB of space free that you can store files, and have friends access them. Once you have 5 friends you get 5 GB of space and can provide links to the material on your blog, website, and message boards. For those that are creative, you could store videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. And easily share them with your friends. This site operates without ads and gives a clean easy interface to use.

4. Sitemeter: Sitemeter provides a great free counter that is free for everyone to use. They do have premium versions at a cost, but the free one has enough features to keep you aware of what is happening with your blog.

5. BlogsNow: Is a great place to look for story ideas, you can see what the most linked stories are, and find some stories you may have missed. And if you are savvy, you can look at the articles that are just surfacing and may be of importance to your readers.


At 1:49 PM, Blogger Charlie said...

As one of those annoying people who buys self assembly furniture and proceeds to assemble it without looking at the instruction book, ending up with an object that has never been seen on planet earth before. I’ve discovered by reading this blog that clicking on the batback icon you can get these neat charts, which explain everything. As Homer Simpson would say. Doh


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