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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Iran bombs Find Their Way to Iraq

It's not surprising that weapons for the insurgency in Iraq are coming from Iran. Arm shipments are intercepted almost on a regular basis. What is disturbing is the new shipments of weapons are focused on increasing American causalities.

These IED's (roadside bombs) are considered the most deadly weapons the Iraqi terrorists possess. The concept is relatively simple, and their effectiveness devastating.

ABC reports:

"When exploded, the copper disc becomes a molten liquid bullet that can penetrate the thickest armor the United States has.”

"They penetrate the armor of an M1 Abrams tank," Clarke says. "They're shape charges. They go through anything, and they are very lethal." "There is currently no real defense against the weapons," he says.

The weapons themselves are designed to be set off by a motion detector (like the ones found commonly in security lights). This method negates all jamming efforts that the U.S. military uses to disable roadside bombs. These bombs have the manufacture fingerprints of Iran.

In a larger perspective, The ABC story points out that Iran is pushing to the limit its role to kill Americans. But they are doing so with which they consider a level that will not force us to attack Iran.

But, do they really know our tolerance for the acts they are committing?


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