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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Katrinia the Right Stuff

When I saw this article: "Katrina: What went right" By Lou Dolinar, it immediately brought me to a sense of Deja vu, back in September I wrote a very similar post, "An an Example of What Went Right with Katrinia."

Thanks Lou, for also making note of the answer to what went right:

"The answer is: something massive. Largely ignored by the agenda-driven national media, one of the largest rescue operations in history saved more than 50,000 people by boat and helicopter. In this Dunkirk on the Mississippi, Coast Guard and other military units, volunteers, and state and local first responders delivered thousands from death by drowning, dehydration, heatstroke, fire, starvation, and disease."

I agreed with you completely as far back as last September when I wrote:

"...there was one part of our response that performed admirably, the U.S. Coast Guard."


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