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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mayor Carl Hutcherson: Court Documents Unsealed

Today I spent a good deal of time reading through the documents that were unsealed in Mayor Carl Hutcherson's pending case.

It was quite overwhelming the amount of material that was there. I can tell you that I drew some conclusions from those documents. If I was called as a jury member I am sure that I would certainly be excluded.

The Lynchburg News and Advance kindly provided links to the documents that the public can explore. If you have several hours I recommend reading them completely, and not rely on summaries of others.

They will lead you through much of the case and what may and may not be allowed in court. And they will prejudice you on his guilt or innocence on at least some of the counts.

What seemed absent from the documents was any reference to the social security fraud that is claimed by the state. According to the state, Carl Hutcherson defrauded two on disability by using their funds for his own personal gain.

You will also find references to Jerry Fawell, and his son. But any conclusions that you would make I will leave entirely to you. Explore the links the News And Advance provides, and you will be led on journey past any spin the defense or the prosecutor have previously put on the case.

It is worth reading, if you want to know the circumstances that led to Mayor Carl Hutcherson's indictment. I have formed my opinions that I elect to keep private, but the material is there for you to draw your own conclusions.

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