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Monday, March 06, 2006

Can't Mail that Large File to a Friend: Here is the Solution

Have you ever had a file that was just to large to send through email? You want to share it with a friend but just get the return to sender bounce back.

Now there is a solution and you can use this service free. I know that there are many other sites that offer this service, but they are laden with ads and pop ups, and often your files do not upload or will not download.

This is the solution. Click the box and you can check it out. The site offers you 1 GB of storage free without a limit on the size of the upload. This will allow you to share your file with anyone you choose. I have already been using this site and I am impressed with the clean interface, and the ease of registration they only ask for your email address and to enter a password. That's it, and not tons of ads to look at.

My uploads went smoothly, and it is easy to share that huge file with your friends.


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