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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Red Rain of Kerala India

After a request for more information after the post "Red Rain In India," I have found this site of the home page of the investigator.

Oddly, he is proposing that the blood red rain may be a form of extraterrestrial life. Maybe "we are not alone."

Below is a microscopic picture of the cell like structures that were found in the rain. If it is life, it is not life as we know it. There is no DNA.

Dr. Godfrey Louis says:

"If these cells have a terrestrial origin then it follows that they exist in huge quantities in some part of Earth and it is sure to have been noticed by some microbiologists. But there appears no such identification so far. "

So what is the story about the mysterious red rain in India? To read more see the website of Dr. Godfrey Louis.


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