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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Alabama Church Arsons: Jokers Arrested

Although there was a 10,000 dollar reward for information leading the arrest of the arsonists in Alabama, good old police investigation led to the capture of three subjects.

11 Church fires throughout Alabama have met intensive investigation by the ATF, part of that investigation even extended to Virginia. There are still no arrests in a series of Church burnings near Richmond.

The suspects all college students attended Birmingham Southern College, one friend of the group interviewed on TV said it all started out as a joke.

Matthew Lee Cloyd (20), Benjamin Moseley (19) , and Russell Lee DeBusk Jr. (19), are all now under arrest.

Fox News Reports:

"Five churches were hit on Feb. 3 in Bibb County, three of which were destroyed. Four more churches were hit Feb. 7 in various counties, two of which were destroyed. In several cases, the blazes were set at the pulpits and altars. All were set afire during the pre-dawn hours of the day."

What has started out as a joke for these three, will most likely have a severe punchline. If convicted they will have plenty of time to contemplate their joke in jail.


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