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Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Soldier's Diary

Being born in 1966 makes me too young to remember much about the Vietnam War, actually, I have no memories of watching the news or hearing about it at all. Though my dad was in the army when I was born, due to a misfiling f his paperwork, he was never sent to Vietnam.

However, I do know that war is not a condition to be hoped for, but can be necessary and should not be shirked from when it is. I am ashamed by the way Vietnam vets were treated when they returned home after doing their job. A difficult job in a difficult situation. Whether we support the action or not I believe we should always support the troops. I don't see as much of the terrible behavior towards Iraq soldiers, but I still can't help but wonder how a soldier must feel when people here say that he is doing the wrong thing. These men and women have made a choice out of all the other possibilities out there, to serve our country during peace and during war. They have made the choice to protect us. And as such, they deserve our respect, support and our unfailing gratitude.

Last night I ran across an article about A Soldier's Diary. I just read the first entry and look forward to hearing more of a soldier's words. Take a few minutes and honor our men and women by reading this soldier's diary. You can even send him an email.

God bless our soldiers and God bless America (our country is a mixed up, messed up place and we have made many mistakes inside and outside of our borders, though we do remain a country that other's turn to in times of need.).

I pray that God will help us to grow as a country and as a people and of course to do those big things, we have to start at home by raising our children in a Godly way. So, God please Bless our country and turn our hearts towards you so that we might be a light unto the world.


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