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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Free Online Resources!

Wetland 101
Get ready for some outdoor spring adventures with this website from Environmental Concern Inc. The site offers a free wetlands course and quiz, a World Wetlands Day fact sheet (We just missed it on February 2, but why not celebrate now?! The spring peepers will be out soon!), a wetland glossary and an email address to ask a real, live wetlands educator all of your wetlands-related questions.

Project F.L.O.W. (Fisheries Learning on the Web)
“Fisheries Learning on the Web (FLOW) is a comprehensive curriculum about the Great Lakes ecosystem. Lessons are geared toward educators who teach upper elementary and middle school students. Each lesson is aligned with national and state curriculum standards for science and social studies and features a hands-on classroom activity.” Even though this site is specifically geared toward teaching about lakes that are geographically distant for us Virginians, there are some great FREE lesson plans, complete with hands-on activities, that are applicable to learning about wet ecosystems everywhere. Check the link and see what you think.

GEOEC Lesson Plans
The Global, Environmental and Outdoor Education Council (GEOEC) website offers downloadable, free unit and lesson plans (Grades 1-9) designed to help teachers integrate environmental themes into their curriculum.


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