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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Still Shrinking!

Well, last week I lost 1 pound and this week I lost 3 pounds so I have now lost 40.5 pounds since the weekend after Thanksgiving! This week's loss was helped along by having the flu. I haven't felt like eating much of anything. And while I do not recommend this as a weight loss method, I am trying to find the silver lining in this particular dark cloud!

When I went for my appointment at NeWeigh last week, Bill told me that people will often plateau and told me things they would do to help with that. One is to take vitamin B-12 supplements. Another is to go back to the first phase of the weight loss plan (the strictest, obviously). Another is to double check the protein supplements I am taking in case I am picking the higher sodium ones (like beef bouillon) as for some people the salt content can really make a difference.

I asked him about exercise (while I have increased my activity, I haven't really gotten into a formal exercise program), he said I would just need to remember that exercise is a two edged sword. It can burn calories, but it also increases muscle. So you are giving up pounds of fat, but building pounds of muscle.

Question of the day...what's the difference in the weight of a pound of fat and a pound of muscle??? Nothing, silly! They both weigh a pound! But a pound of fat takes up more space. So if I go to a formal exercise plan, I need to change my mind set from watching the scales, to watching the inches come off. (I have lost 36 inches of me since Thanksgiving! WOW!!!)

So I keep plugging away and shrinking, shrinking, shrinking! NeWeigh is running a March Madness sale where you can join for 1/2 off the membership fee for the month of March. So call 434-237-2111. And, no they aren't paying me to say these nice things...not even getting any free supplements. I am just so pleased to be losing, I want to share that opportunity with others who have struggled!

Have a great day and think thin!


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