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Sunday, February 12, 2006

QOW Summary: Try Again

The summary for the Question of The Week was that it was a long and difficult question to ask. Or basically, it sucked.

I'll try to do better next time. Melissa says I should ask simple questions that provoke responses from the readers.

In order to do that, I have a few sample questions I am working on. Let me know if you think these would be good to ask.

  • Nose Picking: Right or Responsibility?

  • Does it matter which way the toliet paper comes off the roll?

  • Can we kill all of the lawyers? How about just a couple?

  • If you can get a licesne to fish, a license to hunt, and a license to marry, can the game warden check your marriage license? How many are you allowed to bag?

  • Your humble correspondent will be working on these issues day and night.


    At 6:52 PM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...

    And I will be here, cracking the whip and making sure he is working hard for you;)


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