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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Virginia is for Wine Lovers

Virginia was first in wine, we started brewing our own batches in 1608, Thomas Jefferson carried on this tradition and now the Virginia wine industry is growing.

This from the Virginia Wine website:

“In 1979, Virginia had just six wineries, and a little over 15 years ago a total of 29 wineries were producing 75,000 cases of wine. By 2001, the Commonwealth's wine industry had grown to 75 wineries, producing more than 285,000 cases of wine. And the industry continues to expand.”

If you travel through Virginia visit the local wineries, there are countless events and tastings that are done throughout the state starting in March. For a complete list of the festivals and events go here.

But if a visit to scenic Virginia is more of a wish than a reality. Here is a Virginia Wine of the Month Club to tempt your taste buds.


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