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Friday, February 10, 2006

Ben Fawley: Defence Goes Through The Motions

Ben Fawley charged with the murder of Behl Taylor, will be facing trial May 30th in Mathews County Virginia.

The Defence filed five motions in the Ben Fawley case. And may prove to be one of the hardest fought cases in Virginia in quite awhile.

The motions filed by Bill Johnson, the defence attorney, included:

A move to throw out the charges completely, because according to the Richmond Times.

"The indictment charges Fawley with intentionally killing Behl and planning her death, and then offers several possible accompanying charges such as rape, sodomy and abduction, making the actual charge Fawley faces unclear."

Other motions included requesting cell phone and credit card data for Taylor Behl from Feb. 2005 through Sept. 30th.

A list of all items seized from Ben Fawley, and all computer evidence the state has.

A list of all those known to have had a sexual relationship with Taylor Behl.

And permission to use experts on erotic asphyxiation in his defence. (WSET)

Ben Fawley has previously confessed that Taylor Behl did die at his hands, but it was accidental. This confession only came after physical evidence pointed to his involvement. Perviously, he had presented other stories that proved to be false.

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