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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rabbi Gellman

I recently found myself on the MSNBC Newsweek site poking around and I subscribed to several different feeds there about the things I am interested in. I also chose to subscribe to several of their columnists, some I had heard of and some I was interested in their focus.

Today I was catching up on some reading and found two wonderful columns by Rabbi Gellman that I wanted to share, particularly in light of a recent anonymous comment made by a reader quoting from the teachings of Julius Streicher. If you want to read the comment and my response, here is the article on our site that you should start with.

Here is a column about why Rabbi Gellman loves Christmas. I found it to be enlightening and uplifting.

And here is a recent column that discusses how our society's focus on winning can be detrimental to us that I also found interesting.


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