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Saturday, February 11, 2006

True Women: A Movie Review

Today I watched True Women, a movie that has been sitting on my shelf for awhile waiting for me to have the time to watch a three hour movie. Well, with the snow falling across Virginia, today was the best day for such an adventure!

What a wonderful movie this was! If you are studying frontier life or what was going on historically between the time of the Alamo and Reconstruction, this film would be great for you! It is historically accurate and deals with Native American issues as well as African American issues.

And for the real kicker, not only are the main characters and events real (like Sam Houston and the Alamo), but the women in the film were also real. At one point, Phemia tells her sister, Sarah McClure, that because men wrote the history books, everyone knew about Sam Houston but no one had known of her valiant efforts. This movie teaches us about Sarah McClure and the movie is based on a historical novel.

So check it out, I believe you will enjoy it!


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