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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tim Kaine: On the Highway to his Legacy

If I were to pull out the crystal ball and look to see what I saw in Tim Kaine's future: It would certainly be a road, or perhaps a highway. Tim Kaine has made it clear transportation is going to be his legacy.

He has a vision and one that may not disappoint anyone who goes from one place to another in Virginia. Roads and highways are the basic building blocks in building a strong infrastructure.

In this article, you can see his emphasis. Highways, roads and transportation are number one on his agenda. And if it takes a Virginia Constitutional Amendment, to insure better roads he has that in the offing also. Quoting from the article:

"Kaine said the $625 million extra that former Gov. Mark R. Warner proposed for transportation was not nearly enough."

It will be interesting to see how well he achieves his planned legacy. Highways and road construction are not the hot button emotional issues that draw the public's attention. But it does attest to his resolve to fix something we can all appreciate the roads that we ride on.

His speech to both bodies of the General Assembly did not go without criticism. Like the old Wendy's commercial that asked, "where is the meat?" Some legislators are scratching their head wanting more details. Some perhaps would say, "where is the plan?"

One legislator, Del. Leo Wardrup, R-Virginia Beach, and chairman of the House Transportation Committee, said:

"I heard a lot of blue sky."

But it is not doubtful that Tim Kaine is planning to fill in the details. Planned budget amendments are going to be coming out soon. And, Tim Kaine is on the road to his legacy.


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