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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Knife Wielding Robber Strikes Again

Just hours after I completed the post, Lynchburg Convenience Store Robberies: What Can Be Done? The robber stuck again perhaps just less than 500 yards from his previous robbery. He is becoming more brazen in afternoon robberies.

WSET is reporting:

"This man walked in the store, asked for cigarettes and when the clerk turned around to get them, the man pulled out a knife. He's described as a white man about 6’ 2” in his mid to late 30's with shaggy brown hair. He was wearing a blue zip up sweatshirt with a hood."

And they also state he may have committed five other recent robberies.

I was driving down Lakeside Drive perhaps just after the robbery and saw the police had blocked the entrances of the Zip Station. If you haven't been to that Zip Station they offer competitive prices for fuel with Sheetz with the added perk of an attendant pumping your gas. And it appears that only one person is on duty at a time, but I could be wrong about this. Most of the business is done outside in the open.

As brazen as this person has been we expect his capture soon. With multiple counts of convenience store robberies he will be facing serious jail time.


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