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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Stolen Lunar Rocks: What Will the Thief Do?

The Virginian Pilot is reporting:

"Who got the rocks?"

"That’s what police are asking after someone broke into a car near Oceana Naval Air Station earlier this week and took some rare specimens from the moon."

They further state the rocks were in a silver briefcase in the car. Thieves just seem to can't resist the idea of a shinny briefcase sitting on a car seat. A lesson for everyone who leaves their valuables in the car.

Likely, the thieves when the open the briefcase will be quite disappointed to see the grayish lumps. Even though they are in clear plastic and labeled moon rocks, their value will escape their attention. They are not shinny like diamonds. The Virginia Pilot further reports the rocks are worth "10x their weight of the highest quality diamonds."

And these are the only moon rocks that have ever went missing. Try to sell those rocks and we are sure you will be making small rocks from big ones in the federal penn. Well, we wish that they still did that in our penal system.


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