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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Virginians are Known for Adding Tomatoes

In an interesting experiment, Google Blogoscoped has developed a map of the world with what they define as "The Prejudice Map." More appropriately we would name it as the answer to the question "What are people are known for?"

Drawn from the results page from a Google search you can find descriptions based on nationality.

For instance, The United States:

Strength, dislike of walking, geniality, hospitality, guarding their rights, and anti-Muslim politics.

Using Google Blogoscoped formula, we thought we would take a more local approach and see just what Virginia is known for and even Lynchburg.

Here is the results of our experiment and our commentary:


Virginians are known for adding tomatoes. (perhaps Thomas Jefferson had more of impact on Viriginians than we realize he was rummored to taste the first "love apple" in Lynchburg of all places.)

Virginians are known for their exciting performances. (This was related to marching bands and we do have some great ones, and I have seen some wild characters perform oddly on the street. But I bet California has us beat on this one.)

Virginians are known for hospitality and keeping a strong family bond. (You won't find an argument here from me on this one.)

Virginians who are widely known for their dedication to historical preservation and conservation. (There is nothing better to listen to than an old Virginian telling us how things use to be.)


Lynchburg is also known for its proximity. (We are close to many things, but far away enough to get lost in the mountains.)

Lynchburg City is known for its intricate architecture and colorful history. (Well, you won't find the Taj Maj Hall here, but we do have some interesting buildings. And as far as our colorful history goes. There is a lot of color in our history. Much we politely just do not talk about.)

Lynchburg is known for it's many restaurants. (Sometimes I wonder does anyone eat at home?)


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