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Monday, January 16, 2006

Grand Jury Convenes on Taylor Behl Death Investigation

Update: Fox News is reporting: "RICHMOND, Va. — Amateur photographer Benjaman Fawley was indicted Tuesday for the murder of Taylor Behl, a 17-year-old college student whose body was found in rural Mathews County.

The county's commonwealth's attorney, Jack Gill, said Fawley was indicted on a first degree murder charge. "I don't want to go into any of the evidence in the case," he told reporters outside the courthouse."

NBC 12 is reporting:

"More than four months have passed since 17-year-old VCU student Taylor Behl disappeared from her college dorm room. After weeks of searching, her body was found in a shallow Mathews County grave. Suspect Ben Fawley remains behind bars on child pornography charges, but no one is charged with her death."

The Grand Jury in the Taylor Behl death investigation is going to convene tomorrow. In Virginia this is how the grand jury works (Courtesy of the Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney):

The grand jury consists of a panel of citizens summoned by the Circuit Court to review any criminal charges brought against the defendant (an indictment) and to hear evidence from grand jury witnesses. The grand jury’s role is to decide if there is sufficient evidence to go forward with a trial at the Circuit Court level. Grand jury witnesses are usually made up of lieutenants from the police department who present evidence from their police reports to the grand jury for review. Victims and/or witnesses are not needed for this court appearance; the defendant is not present for this hearing either.

We can expect to see if capital murder charges are forwarded against Ben Fawley, who has made an admission that Taylor Behl died from his hands.

Former Commonwealth's Attorney David Hicks is being cautious about expectations, but there is evidence, he disclosed, that is not known to the public.

We fully expect that capital murder charges will be handed down from the Grand Jury, what will happen in court is still up to speculation.

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