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Friday, January 06, 2006

Harrington: AWOL

After making a commitment to meet at a forum on Court Street, Harrington went AWOL (Away without Leave). This does not bode well for the candidate who missed the opportunity to meet with citizens of Ward II. He wrote them off because according to his words:

“I told them since traditionally Ward II has not voted Republican and this is a tight race, I need to work door to door with voters who are more likely to vote for me."

So instead Harrington could be found outside the Krogers on Link Road and knocking on doors in Ward I. Ward II to him went down the pipes.

His approach is much like if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen, which he did post haste. It would have been most likely an unfriendly crowd that he would have met at the Court Street Baptist Church. One that he would have a hard time swaying to his point of view.

But the tragic implication is that if he is elected he would be representing all the Wards and discarding his opportunity to meet with the voters of Ward II flaunts a responsibility to his constituents. It candidly shows a bias for one side of the tracks.

To be honest, I was personally leaning to vote for Harrington. Now, that is under re-evaluation. If Harrington can so easily dismiss the poorer areas of our community should we trust him with representing the whole of Lynchburg?


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